The Space Between Notes

May 10th - July 9th, 2019
@ Lightsource SF 1661 Tennessee St #2W, San Francisco, CA 94107

The Space Between Notes showcases three bodies of work in various states of becoming. The artists, Emily Barresi (Sundog), David Elliott (Raised by a Cottonwood Tree), and Evan Davis (Where Rivers End), aim to create new meanings and connections through the mixing of their work in this exhibition. The title alludes to the Claude Debussy quote, “Music is the space between notes.” Through this collaboration, the artists ask: what new things can be said?

Emily Barresi Group Study Lightsource The Space Between Notes.JPG

Emily Barresi (born 1993, Connecticut) is an Oakland-based artist. She holds a BFA in Fine Art Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology and is currently an Artist-in-Residence at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley. Her work is often intensely personal, focusing on themes of family, history, and myth. She is the studio manager for photographer, Jim Goldberg, as well as a photographer mentor with the San Francisco based non-profit, First Exposures.

David Elliott  Group Study Lightsource The Space Between Notes.jpg

David Robert Elliott (1984, Kansas) is a photographer living and working in Berkeley, California. His first book, I used to believe that I could be the next Larry Bird, was published by Candor Arts in 2017. In addition to his art practice he also works as a freelance photographer.


Evan Davis (born 1990, California) is a photographer interested in the book format. His work relies heavily on the sequencing of images and explores the poetics of time passing. Since 2016, Evan has contributed to 6 self-published artists books. He is a mentor at First Exposures as well as the founder of Group Study. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he studied Technocultural and American Studies at UC Davis before moving to the Bay Area in 2012.

Presented by Group Study and Lightsource SF