Bald Eagle

Photographs by Priyanka Pandit
Interview via email, January 2015

 It's one thing to set a goal at the beginning of a year. It's another thing to actually follow-through. That takes consistency over a long period of time, we admire that.

Priyanka Pandit moved to Seattle a year ago, and from down in the Bay Area, we spied her sharing work on a new tumblr,, where she illustrated a watercolor for each day of the year, and shared a dozen new photos each month.

When we asked her about the first year in her new home, she writes of "personal growth through relationships and significant heart ache, big changes, more stability than I've ever had (emotional, financial, personal), feeling grown-up, connecting to nature in a new way, feeling safe, extreme sadness."

In it, there is also hope for 2015, "On new years day, I saw a bald eagle and apparently that's an extremely good omen (in japan). Tell me how you are doing!"

We're good ! Happy new year to you and everyone who has followed our progress in 2014. We appreciate it and here's to growing a lot more (together) as we keep on going.