In memory of our friend Nick Gomez-Hall. 

We share these to celebrate the life of a profound artist, the gentle and thoughtful friend who became a part of our community this summer, and who's presence made our group more whole.

Buitres #1 – Pinar del Rio, Cuba. 2012

Nick shared his work to us with an openness. A new friend who appeared and brought a soft-spoken and honest vulnerability. When other's spoke, he was present, actively engaged, often by simply listening from a corner of our circle in a pair of cowboy boots. 

Here is a moment I'll always hold in my heart: Once, during a conversation where I was struggling to put words to a sentiment, and project still in-progress, I'll never forget the smirk Nick shared as I looked up. Pure support, a smile that made me feel, 'Yes, it's okay to feel anyway you feel.'

[Music Video for Nightmom's "Sister's Cool"]

We feel your presence still. We are thinking of you, Nick. 

This is a compilation of images and titles all pulled from Nick's website: Listen to Nick's band Nightmom here: All donations there go to his family.

Eye of The Storm – White Sands, NM. 2016

Joe G. (Waiting for the Christians to Call) – Denton, TX. 2012

Family Vacation – Stephenson, WA 2015

Maren’s World – White Sands, NM 2015

Pelicans at St. Marx – Port Leon, FL. 2016

Pueblo Mágico (w/Kelsey S.) – Sierra Norte, Mexico. 2014

Colectivo #19 – Havana, Cuba. 2012

Untitled Self-Portrait – Seattle, WA. 2012

The End – Trinidad, Cuba. 2012

Erin T. Visits Town – Providence, RI. 2013

America / Whiskeydick #4 – Shell Station, SD. 2012

Kiana W. (A Green Mind) – Fort Pierre, SD. 2012

Dune Walk With Me (Maren J.) – Provincetown, MA. 2016

“Daniella Mother Tongue” – Olneyville, RI. 2016

Totally Over #2 – New York, NY. 2014

Untitled – Oaxaca, Mexico. 2014Erin T. Visits Town – Providence, RI. 2013

Desert Family – White Sands, NM. 2016

Malecón Study #9 – Havana, Cuba. 2012

Without Lydia

Walter’s World

Another Side

Neve C. Performing at Tate II – Olneyville, RI. 2015

Untitled – White Sands, NM 2016

Floodwaters – Cienfuegos, Cuba 2012

Alone in the Dust Storm – White Sands, NM. 2016

Manvir Goes for a Ride – Badlands, SD. 2012

Into or Out of a Window # 2 – Havana, Cuba 2012

Glider Heaven #3 – Highway 40, AZ. 2014