A Permanence That Was Loudly Out Of Character

Photographs by Fionnuala Bradley
Interview via email, August 2014

He did not hate the Winter now, for he knew that it was merely the Spring asleep, and that the flowers were resting,

reads a line in Oscar Wilde's The Selfish Giant, a short story that Fionnuala Bradley remembers from childhood, whose title she alludes to and honors with the name of this project.

"This body of work was taken in 2012 after my father was diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer. Seamus was a self-titled nomad, a recovering alcoholic with little ability to stay grounded in responsibility, a man who floated between nests on couches and hotel rooms."

Her photos look at the home affected by his diagnosis, "the people who were in a similar position as I was, existing in the purgatory between terminal illness and death."