A Novel Context

Photographs by Dane Pollok
Interview via email, June 2015

What kind of context would you be interested in pairing alongside this stuff?

It's basically just a sampling of where i'm at right now with work. It was my first stab at a portfolio as you know, but really it was just me doing a quick and rough draft at finding a synchronicity amongst several ongoing projects of mine. I was just trying to find a flow with images (that don't necessarily have anything to do with one another) in order to give someone a sense of how my eye works.

But it was also an exercise, because for me to distill what i'm working on amongst itself is pretty weird. It's a novel context but i liked the challenge. It's definitely interesting to bring this work, which is ultimately for me, into a context where i was using it to gain traction in a parallel yet distinct field (editorial photography).

I'm not sure how much the two can or should overlap, nor do i know what my trajectory is at all for that matter when it comes to making money taking pictures, but this was a first step and it's exciting to see where it has and will lead.