Thank You For Coming, Group Show, February 27th, 2016


An Aura Up There, Photographs by Brian Shapiro, March 2016

The #1 Animal, A film by Kenny Suleimanagich, February 2016

A Journey of Discoveries, Photographs by Erica Lou, August 2015

Shapes and Textures, Photographs by Andrew Gold, July 2015

A Novel Context, Photographs by Dane Pollok, June 2015

The Beautiful Banality of It, Photographs by Mário Macedo, May 2015

Thoughts I Wanted To Share With You, Photographs by Claire Sloan, May 2015

Bald Eagle, Photographs by Priyanka Pandit, January 2015

A Willingness To Get Close To Someone, Photographs by Matt Takaichi, December 2014

Blood Always Blood And Always Salt, Photographs by Eva Sealove, November 2014

A Drop of Dye Into Water, Photographs by Paul Hoi, October 2014

The Subject Matter Transforms Itself, Photographs by Beatriz Escobar, September 2014

A Permanence That Was Loudly..., Photographs by Fionnuala Bradley, August 2014

Your Subject Slowly Appearing..., Photographs by Sarah Symmonds, August 2014

Whatever Forever, Photographs by Kelly Keltos, July 2014

It's Easy To Fall In Love... , Photographs By Eva Sealove, June 2014

One Person, Video by Jeremy Raff, June 2014

Hold On To Some Things, Let Go Of Others, Photographs by Nicole Wisler, May 2014

Losing Feeling, Photographs by Bryan Banducci, April 2014

Downtown Studio Apartment, Photographs by Beatriz Escobar, April 2014

Circularly With No Direction, Photographs by Matt Takaichi, April 2014

The Process Is Everything, Photographs by Dane Pollok, March 2014

Finale Picture With Fireworks, Photographs by Mari Kon, March 2014

Athens, MO, Photographs by Sidney Stretz, March 2014

Between Assignments, Photographs by Deeba Yavrom, February 2014

Back Home, Photographs by Frankie Kraft, January 2014

Rohnert Park, Photographs by Paul Hoi, January 2014

You Are My Queen, Arly, Photographs by Claire Sloan, December 2013

1, 2, 3 Paris, Photographs by Priyanka Pandit, November 2013